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Even half done is well done......It will fetch good results in future.
Even a bit of goodness, (Dharma) saves us from lot of fear and guilt.


Yakshagana Cultural Magazine

Dear Yakshagana Kalabhimanis,

Namaste and greetings.

We are really overwhelmed by the response and encouragement we have received from you towards our effort.  We call it a 'madness' or "Yakshagana Hucchu" that motivated us to do something to our beloved art.  You have responded very well to it.  We say with folded hands "thank you".

We know that we have a long way to go in various aspects.  We will try to live up to your expectations. A strong financial support is essential to continue this venture.  We appeal to art lovers to support us with sponsorships.

The last month was eventful for Yakshagana.  The Yakshagana conference at Mangalore was a very good effort, a historic one indeed.  We congratulate the organisers and participants.

In the death of Bhagavath Maravanthe Dasa and Drummer Suggi Katte Basava, we have lost two of the finest representatives of traditional art. We pay our homage to departed souls.

The field of Yakshagana was quiet dazzling with activities both by the
professional and amateure as well.

With best wishes

Dr. M Prabhakara Joshy                      Panambur Vasudeva Aithala
Chief Editor                                      Publisher/ Web Master.

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