Hoovinakolu Competition At Kundapur

Hoovinakolu is a variant of Yakshagana Talamaddale.  It is a shortened version of Talamaddale presented by a set of boys led by a Guru during Manaumi (Mahanavami), going from house to house.  It has specially prevalent in Udupi - Kundapur area.  Now it is disappearing.  

It is called Hoovinakolu, as a pole decorated by flowers is kept in the middle while the performance is on.  The performance runs for about 30-40 minutes to show the learning of the students of Aigalamatha.  It is also used by Yakshagana Gurus to collect sambhavana money.

An attempt has been made by Yakshagana Kendra Hangarakatte, Kota to revive Hoovinakolu by arranging a Hoovinakolu competition at Kundapur recently.

The competition was inaugurated by Dr H Shantaram, Adminstrative Officer, Akademi of General Education Manipal.  Director of the Kendra, A Sadananda Hebbar who organised the competition introduced. Sri A S N Hebbar, President District Sahitya Parishath, welcomed.

Senior organiser and artist Sri M M Hegde was the chief guest.  Sri Avinash Hebbar and Kishor Kumar conducted the programme.  Sri Dr Chandrashekar Shetty, Bhagawath K P Hegde, Brahmavar Subbanna Bhat were the judges.

Hire Mahalingeshwara Bhajana Mandali Kota, Ananda Balaga Padukere, Gopalacharya Balaga Basrur, Brahmalingeshwara Bhajana Mandali Sasthana - won the prizes.

Senior artist Sakkattu Laxminarayanayya gave away the prizes and wished the effort should continue.  Dr H V Narasimha Murthy proposed the vote of thanks.  The performance was well attended. 





'Yaksha Kavya' State Award for Yakshananda Kuthpady

Sri Anada Kuthpady pen named as Yakshananda Kuthpady with 'Yaksha Kavya' State Level Award for the Yakshagana prasanga composition.

In a function held recently at Mangalore Town Hall his puranic compsition 'Vidhi Vinoda' has been awarded with State Level Award.

Hailing from a Billava community of Kuthpady village in Udupi District, he has composed altogether 10 compositions, viz., 'Yakshagana Nandini', 'Suvarna Rekha', 'Dharma Dudhubhi', 'Tyaga Tapaswini', Vanavilasa', 'Rudhra Tejaswini', 'Naga Naidile' (Tulu).  Most of his scripts were successfully staged by the Badaguthittu Tent and Bayalata troupes.  He has been the member of Kuthpady Ramakrishna Yakshagana Mandali and the disciple of Guru Tonse Kanthappa Master.  Among his scripts 'Yakshagana Nandini' and 'Suvarna Rekha' have been published.





Yakshagana on Postal P O D

The department of Post and Telegraph has honoured the art of Yakshagana in a special way. It has printed a Rajavesha (King) of Yakshagana on the reverse of speed post acknowledgment, called P O D, Proof of Delivery.  This gesture by P & T deserves appreciation.





Melas Getting Ready

The professional Yakshagana melas (Troupes) both commercial and temple run (Harake) Melas are getting ready for the thirugata (Tour). The tour starts in November, the date of each mela depending upon either the proprietor's choice or the traditional day in case of Harake (Vow) melas.  All troupes are busy making preparations such as repairs to costume, formation of the troupe, management policy, bookings, discussion meetings for new story prasangas etc.

The 'pettige's (boxes) have already been opened ('Pettige Tegeyuvudu'). This means the opening of the boxes for check up and repairs. There have been major changes in troupe compositions, with change of artists. 

The thirugata of 2000-2001 is likely to be crucial for the future of professional troupes. It may set a trend for the future, either way.




Sri Veerendra Heggade Honoured in a Special Way

Padmabhushana Dr D Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari, Sri Dharmastala was honoured at the Vasanth Mahal, Dharmastal in a special function organised by Yakshagana artists group.

Sri Heggade in reply to the honour said that he was really touched by the honour which was different and quote intimate. He called upon artists to expose and express properly the values and ideals of our epics and puranas.

Artists presented a wooden crown Yakshagana Kireeta model witha lotus symbolising 'Padmabhushana Award' conferred on him by the Govt of India, recently.  Senior artists Sheni Gopalakrishna Bhat and Perla Krishna Bhat gave the felicitation address. All artists presented shawl, phalathambula and the Kirita Momento. 

Dr M Prabhakara Joshy welcomed the gathering and explained the need for such an honour.  Artist Kumble Sundar Rao proposed the vote of thanks.  Ujire Ashok Bhat, B Bhajabali and Seetharama Tolpady co-ordinated the function.  Artists led by Bhagawatha Ragurama Holla performed 'Sri Rama Parandhama'.








Yakshagana Sapthaha at Udupi and Ankola

Sri Edneer Mutt Edneer and local committees organised Yakshagana Sapthahas (weeks) at Ankola and Udupi, as part of the Silver Jubilee Series of Edneer Sapthaha which started in 1975.  The Sapthahas were led and guided by Sri Sri Keshavananda Bharati Swamiji.  At Udupi Sri Pejawara Swamiji hosted the programmes.  Both Sapthahas featured Talamaddale and Bayalatas.









Historical Artifacts Found

A lead coin belonging to 1 - 2 Century A.D, a pot of the same age and an inscription of 1534 A.D. were recently found at Kola of Siddapur.  Professors R L Purushottam and Dr Rajarama Hegde of Kuvempu University Shimoga discovered and they are studying them.

A monilithic statue, probably of Gurunarasimha was found near Devaragudda of Manjeshwara, Kasaragod District in the property of Ms. Shivamma. This area has many shrines and remains of the old relics.








Prof S V P Passes Away

Poet, administrator, teacher, critic and orator - who served Karnataka in various capacities with distinction - Prof S V Parameshwara Bhat, passed away in Mysore on the 27th of October.  He was 86.

A professor in the fullest sense of the term, SVP served as teacher at Mysore and later as Head of the PG Centre Mangalore (later became Mangalore University). A friendly man with humorous nature, SVP was a successful teacher who made a lasting impression on his students. His speeches at various occasions created literary interest among people at various levels.

Prof SVP has authored over twenty four books.  He was an important poet of the 'Navodaya' school of poetry in Kannada.

His translations of all the works of Sanskrit poets Kalidasa, Ashwaghosha, Bhasa, Harsha and Bhavabhoothi is a great achievement. His 'Samputas' containing the translations are a record in any language.

Prof SVP always encouraged young writers and artists.  He was a great admirer of Yakshagana.  He called Yakshagana an 'Open University of the People'.  SVP will remain a fond memory and an ideal for a long period to come.








Talamaddale by Swamijis

A unique Talamaddale was presented at Udupi by Swamijis of various Mutts appearing as artists in the 'Padukapradana and Krishna Sandhana' organised at Vasanth Mahal of Sri Krishna Mutt.  This was a special programme organised in connection with the Sapthaha of Sri Edneer Mutt at Udupi.  Sri Edneer Swamiji led the show as the Bhagawatha.  Sri Vishwesha Thirtha, Vishwapriya Thirtha, Vidyadhisha Thirtha, Vishwaprasanna Thirtha, Vidyaprasanna Thirtha (of Subramanya), Vidyavallabha Sripada - Swamijis participated as arthadharis.  The programme created a lot of curiosity and was well attended.









Shambhu Hegde, Arate, Upadhyaya-Among Rajyotsava Awardees

The Govt of Karnataka has announced this year's Rajyotsava Awards (Awards given on the founding day of the newly organised Karnataka State - since 1956).  Among the winners are artist, expert organiser Keremane Shambhu Hegde, artist Arate Manjunatha, Lexicographer, scholar Dr U P Upadhyaya and Bharatanatya artist Rashmi Hegde. Included in the list of 51 awardees are Dr G S Ameer, Dr G H Nayak, Ms Sudhamurthy and Journalist Sridhar Achar.







Sri Bhagawathi Mela Announces Thirugata

Sri Bhagawathi Prasaditha Dashavathara Mela (Troupe) of Sasihitlu, Mangalore Taluk has announced that its tour itenary starts in the second week of November.







Kollegana Mela Started


Sri Durgaparameshwari Yakshagana Mandali, Kollegana, Kasargod has announced its Thirugata with list of artists.  The troupe will start its tour by the second week of November.  Archaka Tantri Padmanabha Upadhyaya will guide the troupe, managed by Sri Balakrishna Katukukke. 





Sapthaha Inaugurated At Odiyur

'Art should be humble, it should bend like the lines of an artist's sketch, it should not show too much swollen status' said artist, National Awardee artist K Shambhu Hegde at Sri Odiyur Gurudeva Sanatana Jnana Mandira, Odiyur, inaugurating a seven day Talamaddale programme series stretching over seven Saturdays from 28.10.00 to 9.12.00.  He said that Talamaddale art needs to be reviewed and supported for a healthy cultural attitude to grow.

Dr Mohan Alva of Moodbidri presided over.  Dr M P Joshy was the chief guest.  He stressed the need to make Talamaddale more 'dramatic',  Sri Sri Gurudevananda Swamiji of Odiyur blessed the occasion.  He said religious centres should support art for a better samskara to society.  Vidwan Sri Muliya Shankara Bhat welcomed.  Sri Bhaskara Rai Kukkuvalli conducted.  Sri Vasudeva Kottari of Satsangha Samithi co-ordinated the programme, which concluded with a Talamaddale 'Dattanugraha - Karhaveeryarjuna'.

The seven week programme series will conclude on 9-12-00 with an honour to eleven prominent artists.








Patel and Dombe Subbanna Remembered

Amcchi Patel Laxminarayana and Bhagawath Dombe Subbanna, two prominent Yakshagana artists of Sagar area, were remembered at a memorial function held at Shirivant, Sagar recently. The programme was organised by the Tripuranthakesh Yakshagana Kala Sangha Shirivante, at the Shirivante Temple Hall.

Temple Trustee and President of the Sangha, D V Shivaramayya welcoming the gathering said both the departed artists were very important members of the Sangha and were always keen, helpful and capable persons.  (Both died untimely deaths, Patel was in his fifties, Subbanna in his forties).

Dr G S Bhat, Prinicpal L B S B S College, Sagar, released a Prasanga 'Tripura Dahana' released by Vidwan N Madhyastha of Sagar.  Dr Bhat also conducted the seminar that followed and reviewed it.

Sri Devendra Beliyur, Prof M A Hegde, Dr M P Joshy presented their lectures and papers at the seminar.  There was a discussion on these lectures.  Sri Nisrani Ramachandra and M R Laxminarayana co-ordinated. There was a full night Talamaddale 'Seethapahara and Vali Moksha' by local and invited artists.




 Dr Joshy to Chair Taluk Literary Meet

Dr M Prabhakara Joshy (Editor of this website), has been chosen to preside over the ninth Literary Conference (Sahitya Sammelana) of Karkala Taluk, organised by the Taluk Sahitya Parishath.  Prof. M Ramachandra, President of the Parishath Committee announcing the choice, said that Sri Joshy has been accorded this honour for his achievements as Yakshagana Arthadhari and art critic. 





Gandhi Jayanthi -  Kille-Kushi Commemoration - Tulu Day - Award Presentation

G. Rajshekhar speaks on Kushi (Dr.Joshy, Erya Alva, A.V. Navada, Veeranna Dande in picture)

"Gandhiji was neither a mystic withdrawing into a hermitage nor a cynic who debunked life.  His concern was experimenting with truth and his field of experiment was the community of people around him not solitude, nor institutions.  Gandhiji's success lay in rousing the power of the multitude.  Gandhiji was one of those who could visualize the kind of philosophy needed to sustain life centuries ahead of us.  Warren Hastings, the first Governor General of India under the British rule said in a preface that works like the Geetha would live long even after the British Empire would cease to exist.  It was Gandhiji who designed the kind of technology, which would be required in the future.  Gandhiji's experiments with celibacy have no parallel in the history of mankind.  Understanding Gandhiji's life is a great challenge" said Vidwan Lakshmnisha Tholpady.  He was delivering a lecture on Gandhiji's experiments with truth on the occasion of celebrating Gandhiji's birhtday on Oct 2, 2000 at MGM College, Udupi.

"The late Sri S N Kille was an ardent Gandhian, Tulu activist and freedom fighter and great exponent of Yakshagana Talamaddale.  A part of the oral history of the Coastal Districts, Sri Kille was a constructive social worker.  His Yakshagana exposition was almost an extension of his fight for national freedom.  Renunciation of animal sacrifice in rituals, promotion of regional languages, integrator of Harijans into the main fold were causes for which he devoted his time and energy.  Though adept in playing many roles on the Talamaddale he was known for his depiction of the character of Karna in the Mahabharata", said Dr Prabhakara Joshy, paying attribute to the late N S Kille.  The Kille Birth Centrnary Programme was held simultaneously with the Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations on Oct 2, 2000.

A portrait of the character of the Prof. K S Haridasa Bhat was beautifully drawn by Sri G Rajashekhar, an alumnus and one time member of the staff in MGM College.  Striking a personal note at the beginning Sri Rajashekhar traced the influence of Prof. Bhat on his own life as student and staff member.  Prof. Bhat achieved all-round development of the college during his tenure as Principal.  An able administrator and organizer he was a man of multifarious interests.  With his kind heartedness he had helped many poor students.  At the same time he was a strict disciplinarian.  A patron of the art and literature he took enormous pains to get the private collection of books of late M Govind Pai as gift to the college.  He supported the Yakshagana experiments of Dr Karanth.  In addition he himself was a brilliant writer and translator.  His two translations, 'Fantamara' of the Italian nobel laureats Silone and 'Darkness at Noon' are almost a commentary on modern civilization.  The first one lays bare the fangs of expiciation by Fascist forces, the latter depicted the horror of violence.  It was significant that Sri Honnayya Shetty, a freedom fighter himself, took up the publication of Fantamara in his weekly journal.

Prof. Haridasa Bhat was an ardent admirer and supporter of the renaissance of modern Kannada literature.  He introduced eminent writers like Karanth, Masthi, Bendre and Kuvempu to the people of Dakshina Kannada.  Holding the modern values of equality, fraternity and freedom as vital, Prof. Bhat admired the Renaissance literature for upholding these values.  Prof. Bhat was great liberal. He was not a crusader.  He struck to the ideal of liberalism.  His uniqueness lay in maintaining his grace even under great stress.  A victim of an ill-conceived prejudice by Dr Karanth, Prof Bhat never lost his regard for the great writer and never gave vent to any ill-will towards the elderly writer".

The Kushi Commemoration programme concluded witht eh award of two endowment awards instituted under the name of Prof. K s Haridasa Bhat.  The Kushi Memorial Folklore Award for 1999 was presented to Prof. A V Navada and the Award for the year 2000 was presented to Dr Veeranna Dande by Sri Erya Laxminarayana Alwa, who presided over the function. Prof. A V Navada and Dr Dande thanked the organisers for the honours presented to them.

Another award presentaion was held as part of Tulu Day on the same occasion.  Kadangodlu Poetry Award and Polali Sheenappa Hegde Award for the year 2000.  While Dr Vishnu Bhat introduced Prof. Vasantha Kushtagi, whose unpublished anthology 'Kadubeladingalina Ondu Kathe' won him the awrd, Sri Polali Balakrishna Shetty introduced Dr. Sunitha Shetty whose remarkable contribution to Tulu literature brought her the Polali Sheenappa Hegde Award.  The Awards were presented by Sri Erya Laxminarayana Alva and Sri K K Pai, Registrar, Academy of General Education.  Prof. Vasantha Kusthagi in the thanksgiving speech recalled the influence of poets of Dakshina Kannada on the other parts of Karnataka.  Dr Sunitha Shetty made her thanksgiving speech a Polali Commemoration programme.  She touched upon the salient features of the late Tulu enthusiast's life.  She also recited a poem in Tulu.

In his Presidential address, Sri Alva commended the organisers in clubbing together 5 different programmes on the same morning.  He sketched the life of Late Govinda Pai who closely followed the tenets of Mahatma Gandhi.

Earlier Smt Pramila Kundapur conducted a 'Ramdhun' programme to mark the celebration of Gandhi's birthday.

Kavya Kaveri, a short programme of reciting Kannda poems was conducted by Sri B K Karanth with the help of Rajaram Bhakta and Satyavijay Bhat.  This was sponsored by the Udupi Branch of Department of Kannada and Culture.

                                                               (R G P R C)





Heggade Calls for a Crusade Against Alcohol

"Drinking alcohol is a great social evil.  We should all join a crusade against drinking and bring about a revolution" said Dr D D Veerendra Heggade of Dharmastala, delivering the valedictory address of a ten day 'Stop Drinking Camp' organised at Kokkada.  The camp was organised by the Dharmastala Rural Development Project and Janajagrathi Vedike Kokkada.  Sri Sri Charukirthi Swamiji of Moodbidri Jain Math blessed the gathering.  Over a hundred people participated and are making good progress in overcoming the habit of drinking.







Muddana Kavya Prashasti for Radhakrishna 

Young and promising poet Radhakrishna Bellur has been awarded the Muddana Trust Award of Kanthavara Kannada Sangha recently.





Farewell to Dr Father Henry

Dr Father Henry D Souza, Driector, Sandesha Cultural Foundation was given a touching farewell recently at Sandesha, Premnagar, Bajjody, Mangalore. 

Father Henry, who the famous and successful director of Sandesha goes to the Bishops National Communication Centre, New Delhi.

Dr Henry, a communication expert, is a very active, capable and popular organiser.  He founded the Sandesha Cultural Foundation.  The foundation gives training in music, art, dance, journalism besides organising many art festivals.  A believer in integration and a lover of Indian cultural forms, Dr Henry firmly believes persons of all religions should develop an Indian Identity.

Father Henry founded the prestigious Sandesha Media Awards for persons of outstanding contributions in art, journalism, welfare etc.  He was responsible for starting the Sandesha College of Fine Arts (Degree level).

A warm, friendly and energetic person, an intellectual of high calibre - Dr Henrys going to Delhi is a loss to cultural circles in Mangalore.

The function was presided over by Rt Rev Paul D'Souza.  Dr C N Ramachandra, Dr B S Talwadi, Prof Amrith Someshwar were the chief guests who spoke highly of Dr Henry's achievements and qualities.  A F D'Souza gave the memento.  Trustees honoured him.  Trustee Godin D'Souza and Roy Castelino conducted.

The new director of Sandesha Father Denis Desa thanked the gathering.

Best Wishes to Father Henry; Welcome to Father Denis






Balco Balagopal is No More 

S R Balagopal (Founder Balco Studio, Mangalore), a well known drama actor and photography expert died recently.  He was 81.

A comedian of outstanding ability Sri Balgopal was the associate of Late Ramananda Choorya and Sri B V Baliga.  He was also famous for his hilarious monoacting performances. 

He was active on the stage between 1945 - 1970.





 Kanthavara Kannada Sangha (1975 - 2000) in Siver Joy

Kannada Sangha Kanthavar is an important literary cultural organisation of Coastal Karnataka.  It has rendered yeoman service in spreading literary interest in rural areas of Karkala.  It has organised many poets meeet, cultural programmes, awards and honours besides publishing important books.  Dakshina Kannada Kavya is one such publication.  It is giving an award every year in the name of poet Muddana, to budding poets.

The Sangha plans to organise a year long Silver Jubilee programme series including a conference, seminars, publications, festivals, Yakshagana, honouring of senior authors etc.

A committee led by K Maranna Mada,  Dr. Na. Mogasale, Vittal Belady and others are already working on the scheme.








 Vidhwan P Krishna Bhat Honoured

Vidhwan Puchhakere Krishna Bhat, Headmaster Sri Durgaparameshwari School, Kateel was honoured at a grand public honouring function at Kateel by Sarwajanika Sanmana Samithi including his students, temple management, colleagues and well wishers. P Krishna Bhat, a renowned teacher, Yakshagana artist and organiser retired from service recently.

Popularly known as 'Pucchakere', 'Maguvanna' and 'Kittanna' - is very capable, much loved person of outstanding capacity and popularity.  He served the school for over 30 years, 25 years as headmaster. He is a good arthadhari, veshadhari, and a Yakshagana liaison person.

He served as the secretary of Bhramari Yakshagana Mandali of Kateel over 20 years and conducted Navaratri Bayalata and Saptaha programmes very successfully.  A man for all occasions, a very warm and friendly person, Pucchakere is  very much respected in the area.

He was presented with golden ornaments, silver mantapa, siver kireeta (crown), phala tambula and shawl.  His wife Mrs Lalita was honoured with 'bagina'.  

Sri Harshendra Kumar of Dharmastala presided and said that this was a memorable honour and an occasion where real love for a teacher poured in such a measure.  Sri K Vittla Shetty, Yakshagana organiser of Kateel Mela, was the Chief Guest.  Dr Joshy and Dr Gananath Yekkar felicitated Sri Bhat.

Sri Sri Vishwaprasannateertha Swamiji blessed the occasion.  Sri Kateel Laxminarayana Asranna welcomed.  Sri Harikrishna Punarur graced as Chief Guest.  Sri Krishna Bhat said he was simply overwhelmed with the honour and thanked all those who organised and all those who helped and guided him in his career and in art.

The programme was followed by a Bayalata, with groups from both Tenku and Badagu Thittu participating.






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