Panchajanya : Golden Jubilee Souvenir Publication of Shri GopalaKrishna .Sangha Kairangala D.K. 2004 . PP. 137. Price : Not Mentioned. Ed Chandrahasa Kanantoor & four others.This souvenir comes as a special book on the occasion of a Yakshagana group golden Jubilee. The Sangha has recorded important service to amateur Yakshagana. =The book contains Golden jubilee details, invitation, committees, messages, and articles on the history & contribution of the Sangha, on Yakshagana costume, literature, dance and other aspects.Prof Amritha Someshwara’s article discusses the possibilities of reform and reconstruction of Yakshagana costume. Other articles are also useful.This is a good souvenir and shows how an amateur troupes can do a lot of good working. M.P.J.



Yakshaprameela : Volume published at the ladies Yakshagana conference in Mangalore 2004. Pub: Karnataka Jaanapada and Yakshagaana Academy, and Reception Committee Yakshaprameela.
Ed. Bhaskara Rai Kukkuvalli & Vidya Kolyur PP 120. Rs.60.
This publication brought out at the women’s Yakshagana conference contains important information on the present and past of women’s Yakshagana activities. Yakshagana by women, is a recent development and has important social and cultural dimensions. It is an attempt at womens participation and empowerment.
The present volume includes articles on various ladies Yakshagana troupes, their activities, profiles on Akkani Amma, the mother of ladies Yakshagana movement, and Dr. Martha Ashton. It also features profiles of some artists, the six artists honoured at the conference, and the details in brief about the conference.
The information collected is significant. The publication is a worthy special addition to the literature on ladies Yakshagana.

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