Sri D V Shivaramayya, a leading Yakshagana organiser passed away at his residence in Dombe, Khandika Sagara Shimoga District. He was 74. A dedicated Yakshagana patron, especially towards the Talamaddale form of Yakshagana.

D V S was the chief of the Thripuranthakeswara Yakshgana Sangha at Village Shirivante Sagara. He made the Shrivanthe Temple a pilgrim centre for Talamaddale. He worked for over 3 decades as the organiser of the Chaturmasya Yakhe Uday Kalavidaru hagana series there.

He was an able theater actor active with the the Udaya Kalavidaru Sagara. A friendly, fine gentleman and a committed art connoisseur DVS will be remembered long.

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