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Kadathoka Gets Nedle Award

Veteran singer Sri Kadathoka Manjunatha Bhagawatha has been nominated for the prestigious NEDLE NARASIMHA BHAT AWARD of the year 2004. The award is instituted by The Nedle Foundation, headed by Nedle Rama Bhat.
Kadthoka Bhagavath is one of greatest of Yakshagana singers and is one among the very few of singers expert in both the Northern and Southern stys. Son of the great singer Kadathoka Shambhu Bhagavatha, he has served Yakshagana for over 50 years. He has worked in the Karki, Koodlu, Mulky troupes and then in the Dharmasthala Trope for about 30 years. Endowed with avery melodious high pitch voice, Kadathoka has an excellent grip over his medium. He is known for his capacities as a director, creative exposition and quick responses to challenging stage situations. He has also composed about 12 Yakshagana Prasangas. He was a close and dear colleague of Nedle narasimha Bhat.
THe Nedle Award is being given in the name of Late Nedle Narsimha Bhat one of the legendary drummers and Gurus of Yakshagana. The Award carries a sanman and a purse of Rs 25000.It will be presented on the 8th of october in Mangalore as part of the second Nedle commemoration functions, Foundation President Sri Rama Bhat has announced.


American Institute of Indian studies has a rare treasure on Yakshagana

The American Institute of Indian studies (AIIS) New Delhi has a rare treasure. It has in its archive 35 minutes of Yakshagana recorded in 1938. The recordings are a part of the collections made by the great ethno musicologist ARNOLD BAKE who toured southern and western India for collecting India’s performance traditions. These are probably the oldest available Yakshagana recordings. They include a performance of Thenkuthittu Yakshagana of about six minutes, with six characters and audio recordings of Yakshagana singing of both Thenku and Badagu(Southern and Northern styles. The southern style singing is from 'Virataparva’ and the Northern style singing is from 'Sudhanva'. 


Sri Kota Vaikunta passes away

Famous Female Role Artist Sri Kota Vaikunta passed away at Guddattu of Kundapur Taluk recently. He was 68. Considered to be one of the major artist of his type, he served both in northern and southern styles, though he was basically a northern style artist. He was known for his ideal figure, nice depiction traditional style and effective acting. He also enacted male roles successfully


Sripathi Innanje passes away

Amateur Artist Sripathi Innanje passed away at Innanje recently. He was only 42. He was working at the Innanje P U College. An active young man Sripathi was a good artist on Chande. A friendly helping young man Sripathi was very likable character. His sudden and untimely death has been mourned by artist relatives and friends with a sense of shock and loss. 


Book on  Keremane Shambu Hegde  by Dr. G S Bhat

A book on artist director organisor Keremane Shambu Hegde, written by Dr. G S Bhat, Sagar was recently released. The book is a Ph.D. thesis on Sri Shambu Hegde’s work as an artist and troop owner, Director. The book is well written and is a model for such documentation cum analytical research, capable of inspiring a series of similar books on important Yakshagana artists.


Yaksha Bhimana Nooru Hejjegalu

A book Titled Yaksha Bhimana Nooru Hejjegalu (Hundred Steps of Bhima the gaint artist) was released at Panja to mark the birth Centenary of great artist Puttur Madangai Krishna Bhat (Bhimaguli Krishnayya). A committee led by Dr Krishna Moorthy B grand son of Krishna Bhat published the book at a grand centenary function.
The volume contains articles on the life and achievements of Krishna Bhat and Yakshagana in general (report and review seperatly).

A Yakshagana Sapthaha

A Yakshagana Sapthaha (Week) was organized at Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple School Kateel. Many famous artist participated 



Srimaya Yakshagana Kendra

Srimaya Yakshagana Kendra, Sri Maha Ganapathi Yakhsgana Centre activites year were inaugurated at Keremane Shivarama Hegde Memorial Hall Gunavanthe Honnavar. Director Shambu Hegde and Secratory Shivanada Hegde hosted the programe. Artist critic Dr. M Prabhakar Joshy spoke on the occasion. Guru Heranjal Venkatramana initiated the training. Artists K Govinda Bhat, M R Vasudeva Samaga, Venkatesh Uphadaya, Vishwanath Shetty and others attended.


13th Yakshagana Sapthaha festival and anniversary by Yaksha Lahari Kinnigoli

Yaksha Lahari Kinnigoli organized its 13th Yakshagana Sapthaha festival and anniversary at Yuga Purusha Hall Kinnigoli. The program featured 6 thalamadalle performances by select groups and a grand finale with anniversary. The last day’s thalamadale was by top ranking artists. Senior thalamadale artists Sri Y Harishchandra Rao was honored at the anniversary. The program was organized and hosted by the president of Yakshalahari T Shrinivas Bhat and associates supported by Bhuvandhirama Udupa.


Sri Umesh Nantoor passes away


Art suppoter, organisor, actor and sportsman Sri Umesh Nantoor passed away recently at Mangalore. He was 49. Sri Nantoor was working in Dubai and was on a holiday trip in Mangalore. He has organized number of tulu program and Yakhagana performances in UAE. His untimely death is a big loss to Kannada and Tulu literary and art fields in the Middle East.



Sri Kumble Sunder Rao and Sri Mijjar Annappa  honored

Senior artists Sri Kumble Sunder Rao and Sri Mijjar Annappa were honored at Sri Venkatramana Temple Hall Moodabidri by the local organization Yaksha Balaga. The function was organized by the group leader Sri Shantaram Kudva and friends has a part of the 5th anniversary of Yaksha Balaga. The program featured a full night talamadhale by leading artists.



Samyamam Kota Sanchari Yakshagana Mandali

Samyamam Kota Sanchari Yakshagana Mandali. A talamadhale troop led by artist Sri M R Vasudeva Samaga, presented over 70 talamadhale performances recently. The troop went on a tour of D.K., Udupi, Uttara Kannada, Shimoga Districts and Bangalore. This type of touring team is unique in talamadhale field. Samyamam presents to 2- 5 hours programs. The troop has a stage design and a uniform for all artists. The programs were received well.


Yakshagana Week by Srikrishna Yaksha Sabha

Yakshagana Week by Srikrishna Yaksha Sabha Mangalore featured 7 top class Yakshagana performances at town hall. 7 leading artists were honored with sanman, citation and purse. Yakshsabha president K Anantha Rama Rao and associates organized this festival at a project cost of about Rs.2,00,000
Srikrishna Yaksha Sabha proposes to create a permanent corpus fund for quality Yakshagana perfomances and artists welfare. Aid, donatiions to Srikrishna Yaksha Sabha can be given directly to the President of the Sabha at Sri Krishna Kalyana mandir Kadri, Mangalore 575002 D.K Karnataka India.


A month long Talamadhale

A month long Talamadhale series The Shravanamasa Yakshagana seva was organized at Sri Tirumala Venkatramana Temple Bantwal. Various Yakshagana associations participated and the grand final and anviversary was held on 11th September.


 SheniI Gopalakrishna Bhat Dattinidhi Award to Hosahithilu Mahalinga Bhat

Senior actor Hosahithilu Mahalinga Bhat (68) received the prestigious SHENI GOPALKRISHAN BHAT DATTINIDHI FOUNDATION AWARD for this year, at Surathkal recently. The award carries a sanman, a citation and purse of Rs.15,000. The foundation founder Secretary Sri K Ramanath Rao organized and hosted the award function at Supreme Hall Surathkal as a part of the annual talamadhale organized by him. The program featured a talamadhale by top artist.


"Pariyatane" by Sri Dhanvantari Yakshagana Sangha

A 50 day home to home talamadhle series PARIYATANE is organized by Sri Dhanvantari Yakshagana Sangha, Uliya Madhoor, Kasaraod. This series is a unique campain to popularize Yakhagana in Kasaragod area and also to promote and preserve Kannada language in this border District. The president of the Sangha Sri Uliyatthaya Vishnu Asra and his associates have organized the series which is now half way completed.

Ganeshotava - Yakshagana programs

A number of Yakshagana programs were organized in he costal malnad disricts and also in varios towns and cities of Karnataka, Mumbai, Chennai etc has a part of the great Indian festival Sri Ganesh Chaturthi. It is estimated that over 500 Yakshagana programms are presented during this Ganeshotava session at homes, temples, Ganeshotava pendals, Schools, Public function and private gatherings.

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