Monthlong Yakshagana Festival At Vagenadu

Vagenadu is a beautiful place in Bantwal Taluk, in Karopady Village bordering village bordering Kerala. Away from city buz, or even from a motor road, it has still retained the serenity of an old shrine-village.  Sri Subraya Temple, Vagenad, renovated a few years back, is now turning into a Kshethra for Yakshagana.

A Monthlong festival of Yakshagana - Simha Masa Yakshagana Sarathi - concluded on the 15th of September - with a full day programme.  From 16-8-2000 to 16-09-2000 daily Talamaddale performances were conducted.  Artists from the surrounding villages gave performances everyday forenoon.  Sri Subramanyeshwara Yakshagana Sangha organised the function.  This massive venture was well appreciated by the people.  There were an audience of about two hundred, young artists and an opportunity for the people.  Vagenadu is in the midst of villages like Karopady, Kurudapadavu, Kanyana, Bayaru, Mittandka, Malar etc, which are known for their keen interest in Yakshagana, with many famous artists coming from the area.

The Chief organiser Patla Mahabala Shetty, a Bhagawath and troupe leader said that people have given good support and he has requested Kalabhimanis to further encourage their annual venture.






Mambady Birth Centenary

Mambady Narayana Bhagawath, a renowned Guru, was respectfully rememered at the Centenary commemoration function organised at Vagenadu, as a part of the valedictory of Simha Masa Yakshagana Festival.

Born at Mambady of Karopady village, Late Sri Narayana Bhagawath is considered to be an all time great guru and artist.  A master of Yakshagana singing, Chande and Maddale (Drums) Mambady was an outstanding performer and teacher.  Many of today's leading artists are his disciples.

Dr M Prabhakara Joshy delivering the memorial lecture, paid tributes to the great soul, outlining his achievement, his surroundings and times.  He stressed the relevance of Mambady spirit for today.

Sri Gurudevananda Swamiji of Odiyur Kshethra lauded the organisers for the programme, an said Mambady was a great man who gave so much to Yakshagana.  Swamiji called on people to imbibe culture and values contained in the Puranas given to us by the art of Yakshagana.  He gave a call to art associations to emulate the example of Vagenad Sangha.

Sri Muguli Tirumaleshwara Bhat welcomed.  Patla Mahabala Shetty introduced and Prof G K Bhat prpposed the vote of thanks.  There was a Talamaddale Bhismaparva and Karnaparva by eminent artist.  Samaradhana (free feeding), Pooja and Prasadam were arranged. 





'Keep Up Good Taste' -  Keremane Mahabala Hegde

National Awardee Artist, Sri Keremane Mahabala Hegde has asked artists to keep up dignity, good taste and adherence to the mediuma of Yakshagana, and avoid 'cheap popularity' approach.  He was presiding over a function organised to honour Sri Idagunji Krishna Yaji, a prominent Chande-Maddale player of Uttara Kannada.  The function was organised at Idagunji Mahaganapathy Temple, under the joint auspices of a public committee and the Temple Trust.

Another leading artist and art expert Sri Keremane Shambhu Hegde felicitated Sri Yaji and explained the expertise and speciality of Sri Yaji.  Sri Krishna Yaji thanking the committee, said that it is with much reluctance that he accepted the honour.  Dr S N Sabhahit, Chief Trustee of the temple graced the occasion and expressed his appreciation.  Dr Sripad Shetty conducted the programme, which was followed by a Talamaddale.






Dasara Yakshagana Festival At Kollegana

An eleven day Yakshagana festival was successfully organised by Sri Subramanya Yakshagana Kala Sangha Kollegana, Kallakatta near Neerchal of Kasargod.  A unique festival of its kind, it has been organised by Brahmashri Tanthry Anantapadmanabha Upadhyaya, a leading Purohith, Astorloger and temple service expert (Tanthry).  It is a one family effort.  Twenty troupes participated in the series including professionals and amateur artists.

The festival was held at the residence of Sri Tantry, the stage has been named as Puttu Narayana Bhagawatha Mantapa, after the great Bahagawatha Padyana Puttu Narayana Bhat.  Sri Sheni Gopalakrishna Bhat inaugurated the festival.  Sri G L Acharya and Samethadka Gopalakrishana Bhat were the guests of honour on the valedictory day.  The festival also featured music performances.





Sixteen Artists Honoured 

Sixteen prominent artists were honoured at the Kollegana Yakshagana Festival. The troupes that participated were also felicitated by Sri Tanthry.

The honoured artists included Kubanur Sridhar Rao, Sakkattu Laxminarayana, Anantha Bhat Arasinamakki, Narayana Rai K V, Narayana Maniyanai, M R Vasudeva Samaga.

Sri Ganadhiraja and Srinath co-ordinated the programme which was quite a big effort.  Such festivals will help keep alive the interest in Yakshagana in Kasargod area.






Dasara Cultural Festival at Moodbidri

The 55th Dasara Cultural and Literary Festival was held at Samaja Mandira Moodabidri, between 28th Sept 2000 to 1st October 2000.  It featured speeches, classical and folk dances.  It also included the VARDHAMANA Literary Award function of 1999-2000.





Ninasam Cultural Camp

Ninasam Trust, Heggodu, Sagar, Shimoga led by the Magsese Award Winner, Writer and Theatre Person K V Subbanna, has organised a cultural festival (Samskrithi Shibira) from 15th to 22nd October.  It will feature lectures and discussions on various aspects of culture like theare, cinema, music, dance and literature.  Dr U R Ananthamoorthy, the Jnanapeetha Awardee author will direct the camp.




'Hasa Bhasa' Released

A collection of humorous essays by the well known humourist author Ms Bhuvaneshwari Hegde was released at Hotel Kidiyur Hall Udupi.  'Karavali' Writers and Readers Forum of D K and Kasargod organised the function.  Sumantha Publication Uppinakote Brahmavara has brought out the book, titled 'HASA BHASA'.

Ms Sandhya Pai, Ms Vaidehi, Sri Janardhan Bhat were the speakers.  Prof Leelavathi Rao and Dr K V Jalajaxi conducted the programme.





Edneer Mutt's Yakshagana Sapthaha Silver Jubilee

Sri Edneer Mutt is a religious center known for its encouragement to art, litereature and cultural activities.  It has a record of hundreds of programmes, a longstanding commitment to culture.  Sri Sri Keshavananda Bharathi Swamiji has been conducting Talamaddale Week (Sapthaha) every year for the last 25 years.  This year is the Silver Jubilee year and Sri Swamiji has announced a grand programme series with three Sapthaha (weeklong) Talamaddale at different places with one more at the Mutt itself.  

The first Saptaha is at Puttur between 16-22 of September, the second at Ankola from 18 to 24 of October, the third one at Udupi under the leadership of Sri Sri Vishweshathirtha Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt and the fourth one at Kalasa and one more at Edneer Mutt.

Sri Samethadka Gopalakrishna Bhat, the Chairman of Saptaha committee Puttur has appealed for co-operation from devotees and Kalabhimanis.

A specialty of of this year's programme is a Talamaddale on 30th of October, with some Swamijis participating as arthadharis.

This jubilee series of thirtyfive (35) programmes is a massive venture and probably a record in the filed of Yakshagana.





Tributes to Kushi

The passing away of the great cultural leader Prof. K S Haridas Bhat (Ku. Shi.) has been mourned all over Karnataka and outside.  Many organisations have conducted special mourning meetings, passed obituary resolutions and have recorded in glowing terms the contribution of Kushi to various fields.  Leading personalities from various walks of life have paid rich tributes to the exparted professor.

A committee led by Sri K K Pai, Chairman of the Manipal Group of Institutions is considering various suggestions regarding Kushi commemoration projects and schemes.  He has appealed all abhimanis to give their suggestions.





Pavanje Laxminaranappaya Music Conference 

"A proper balance should be struck between tradition and experimentation in classical art. Art is basically dynamic yet, tradition is the foundation of classical art.  Art, Culture and Dharma should be seen in the total perspective" said senior journalist  and art critic Sri A Ishwarayya, Magazine Editor 'Udayavani' at the Pavanje Haridas  Laxminaranappayya music conference.  The Conference was organised jointly by Shankara Prathistana Kotekar and Jnanashakthi Subramanya Temple Pavanje.  The conference was held at Hotel Woodlands Mangalore.

Sri Bollava Satyashankar, Chairman of the Prathistana, welcomed the gathering.  Dr G N Bhat,  Dr Meghashyama Rao were present on the dias.  Sri R D Shastry proposed the vote of thanks.

Sri B Sadananda Punja, President of D K Zilla Panchayath and K Rammohan Rao were the Chief guests.  They lauded the organisers for their effort, and said that persons like Pavanje Laxminaranappayya will always be the source of inspection to the generation to come.





Nallai K V Krishnamoorthy Honoured

Senior musician and music teacher Nallai K V Krishnamoorthy of Chennai was honoured with this year's 'Pavanje Laxminaranappayya Award'.  Prof S Gopal, Vice Chancellor of Mangalore University presenting the award called for concerted effort to create good taste and encourage classical music.  Sri Harikrishna Punarur, President District Sahithya Parishath, was the Chief Guest.  Sri Tudiyadka Vishnuwayya felicitated Sri Krishnamoorthy.

The programme featured a seminar on music and music conerts by Dr Sukanya Prabhakar, Pradeep Kumar Tiruchinapalli, K V Ramanan, Nallai Krishanamoorthy and other artists.

The conference was a fitting memorial to the great artist Laxminaranappayya and was well attended.





Pavanje Haridas Laxminaranappayya (1854-1924)  

Was a famous Haridas, poet and composer.  A man of wide learning, he was a 'sanyasi' type of mendicant and devotee from his childhood.  He visited many temples and shrines and composed songs on various deities.  He was an outstanding Haridas (Haridas - exponent of Harikatha Keerhan, a musical and discourse presentation of puranic stories).  He was known for his extempore poetry, witty discourse and philosophical presentation.  His expressions both in songs and words were very effective.  He has influenced many poets and Haridasas of his times. 





Three Awards Installed

Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Trust, Kodapadavu, Bantwal Taluk has installed three awards in the names of three leading luminaries in the filed of Yakshagana.

The award for research scholars is named after Late Kukkila Krishna Bhatta, a great scholar on Yakshagana, Chandas, Natyashastra etc.

The award for Yakshagana music (Himmelas) is named after Late Diwana Bhima Bhat, a leading Chande-Maddalegar known for his great improvisation and lively beating.

The Third award, Kargallu Subbanna Bhat Award is in the name of a great female role actor.  All these three artists are from Kodapadavu Village.

The Kukkila Award goes to Sri Simantur Narayana Shetty who is considered as the foremost authority on Yakshagana Chandas (prosody).  He has written breakthrough essays on the subject.

Diwana Bhima Bhat Award is to be given to the 86 year ikd Nedle Narasimha Bhat, considered to be one of the greatest Chande-Maddalegaras of Yakshagana.  He has served the field for over seven decades.

Kargallu Award goes to Sri Kadandel Kateel Purushottam Bhat.  Sri Bhat is famous as 'Devi Purushottam Bhat' because of his effective depictionof Sri Devi's role.  His roles like Mandodari, Kaikei, Ambe and Dakshayini are considered as model pieces.

The award function will be held at Kodapadavu Hanuman Sannidhi.  The Chairman K P Venkatramana Bhat heads the award trust.






Navarathri Programmes All Over



Navarathri, also called Dasara, is a major festival season for all Indians.  It is an All India phenomemon, unlike some regional festivals.  It is called Navarathri (nine nights) because it is celebrated during the first to the 9th of Ashwayuja Masa (7th month of the Indian Lunar-Solar Calendar).  There are Poojas specific for all 9 nights (and of course day time also).  It is also called Dashahara, ten days festival (Dasha = 10) including the 10th day which is 'Vijayadashami' the concluding day.

The mother Goddess, Sri Devi or Adi Maya is worshipped during these nine days. She is worshipped in three forms - as Mahakali (Durga or Parvathi), Mahalaxmi (Goddess of Wealth) and Mahasaraswathi (Goddess of Learning), three days each in the respective order. It is significant to note that the last three days are meant for Saraswathi, deity of learning or knowledge.  That means, learning is given the supreme place, as the supreme form of Shakthi (Power).

The prescribed pooja for the ten days are: Durga Pooja - Jayalaxmi Pooja, Arya Pooja, Bhagavathi Pooja, Kumari Pooja, Lalitha Panchami -  Ambika Pooja, Mahishamardhini Pooja, Sharada Pooja, Ayudha Pooja, Navami - Ayudha Pooja, Dashami - Vijaya and Vidya Dashami.

Vidyadashami is the traditional starting day for childrens' schooling - learning.  Alos called Vijaya Dashami - Victory day - Day for starting expeditions for victorious march.

Navarathri is an important occasion for cultural programmes.  A number of art festivals, shows, performances are organised during these days.  Navarathri is religious and cultural feast.

In Coastal Karnataka, a number of Yakshagana performances are organised during Navarathri especially at the Devi Temples.  Art groups are very busy during Dasara. 

Twenty One Names of Sri Devi: Mother Goddess is one of the important deities in India and probably all over the World.  She is called Shakthi (Power), Maya (the great illusory power), Durga (invincible, not reachable), Matha (Mother) etc.  

These 21 names of Sri Devi are, when recited, are supposed to ward off all fears and sorrows:

Matha, Dharithri, Janani, Dayardhra Hridhaya, Shivaa, Devi, Thribhuvana Shrestaa, Nirdhoshaa, Sarvadhukhahaa, Aradhaniiyaa paramaa, Dhayaa, Shanthi:, Kshamaa, Dhrithi:, Swaha, Swadha, Gaurii, Padhmaa, Vijayaa, Jayaa, Dukhahanthrii

Devi Prayer

Yaa Devii Sarva Bhuteshu Maathr Roopena Samsthitha
Namasthasyai Namasthasyai Namasthasyai Namo Namah

To that Goddess, who resides in everybody as mother spirit, 
I salute, I salute, I salute, I pay respect again and again.






Pravachana Sammelana at Udupi

A two day state level purana pravachana conference (Epic Discourse Scholars Conference) was held at the PPC Auditorium Udupi on 16th and 17th Sept.  The Conference was jointly organised by Sri Pejavar Mutt and Bharatha Samskrithi Prathistana (Indian Culture Foundation).  Leading scholars, religious leader and Swamijis attended.

Sri Pejavar Swamiji inaugurated.  Over 500 delegates including pravachanakaras, temple heads, cultural activists participated.  Director of the Foundation Sri B N Murthy coordinated the conference. 





Treatise on Saraswathi Bai Rajawade Published

A treatise on author Saraswathi Bai Rajawade (1913 - 1994) was recently released at Kuvempu Kannada Institute Mysore.  The function was organised by Karantha Study Center Puttur and Samata Kendra Mysore.  Sri Bolantakody Ishwara Bhat, Puttur, the publisher coordinated the programme.

Dr Ha Ma Nayak, a leading writer, critic and columnist outlined the importance of Smt Rajawade in the feminist writings in Kannada. 

The author of the book Dr T S Srivalli explained the background of her book - a Ph.D on Saraswathi Bai

Dr Vijaya Dabbe, a leading poet and critic released the book.  Dr T Subramanya, Dr Siddhashrama were present.

The book has been published by the Shivarama Karanth Study Center, Puttur.






Narayanaguru Jayanthi

The birthday of great social reformer Brahmasri Narayanaguruswamy was celebrated all over the Canara region during the second week of September.  Narayanaguru's zeal for social refrom, his sadhana and great struggle for the upliftment of the oppressed was remembered.






Bhagawatha Sapthaha by Achyuthadas

A seven day Srimadbhagawatha (story of Lord Krishna) Harikatha series was given by the renowned Haridas Sri Bhadragiri Achyuthadas at Gurupura recently.  The programme was organised by Sri Varadaraja Venkatramana Temple Committee, Gurpur.






Ramdas Samaga's Kathe Panpina Vaara

Senior Haridas and Yakshagana artist Malpe Ramadasa Samaga's  exposition of story telling at Sri Shivagiri Mantapa Bannanje Narayanaguru under the auspices of Billava Seva Sangha.  

The series named Kathe Panpina Vaara (story telling week) features seven puranic stories.  Tulukoota Udupi was organised the weeklong programme.

Dr Bhaskarananda Kumar, Sudhakar Achar and C Kishore have appealed to people to revive such tradition of story telling which was present in Tulunadu centuries back.






Udupi District Literary Conference in December 

The first ever district conference of Sahithya Parishath will be held at Udupi on the 16th and 17th of December 2000.  A committee headed by Prof. H Krishna Bhat and A S N Hebbar is busy preparing for the conference.





Asranna Award to Guddappa Gowda


Senior Yakshagana artist Kedagadi Guddappa Gowda was recently awarded the Kateel Gopalakrishna Award instituted by Asranna Abhimaani Balaga"  Kadri. The award was given away at the Asranna memorial function held at Sri Saraswathi Sadan Hall of Kateel School, Kateel.

Sri Guddappa Gowda is an eminent exponent of Yakshagana having served the Kateel Yakshagana troupe for over 4 decades . He is known for his dignified and poweful depiction of roles like Vali, Daksha, Arunasura , Rakthabija, Karthiveerya, Karna,  Kaurava and many more. His acting and spoken word were well articulated and effective. (Sri Guddappa has now retired.)

The award committee led by Sri Pradeep Kalkura , Kadri Navaneeth Shetty and associates conducted the function. Sri Guddappa was honoured with a shawl and Phalathaambula and a golden ring by the committee.





Sri Asranna Remembered

The main function organized by Sri Lakshmi Narayana Asranna (Baalanna) and relatives, an annual commemoration of Late Sri Gopalakrishna Asranna. The speakers on the ocassion, Messers Dr. N.Nishakanth Shetty, B.Nagaraja shetty , S.N.Shetty Kondemul and others fondly remembered Late Asranna, his human qualities and his services to the religious field. Dr. Professor Seetharama Acharya Hosabettu delivered the commemoration speech and outlined the impact made and the respect commanded by Sri Asranna.

Sri.T.Ramesh Pai , Chairman Maharashtra Apex Manipal who presided over the function appreciated the venture, and said Late Asranna had inspired many , and given guidance in the Dharmic field. Two eminent personalities from the religious field were honoured on the occasion. Sri Srinivas Adiga, priest of the Kadri Manjunath Temple and K. Jarappa Shetty, Founder President of Panchadurga Kshetra of Kakkebid Bantwal were honoured for their outstanding contribution to the field.

Sri Laxminarayana Asranna, welcomed the gathering. Sri. P. Krishna Bhat conducted the proceedings.

Sri Late Gopalakrishna Asranna was the chief priest and a trustee of Kateel temple for over five decades. He was a very popular religious figure, and was considered an ardent Bhakta, a guide to devotees of Sri Devi. A simple, pious man, Asranna was known for his soothing words and helping hand. He was a great lover and supporter of Yakshagana.





Nrithyanikethana Kodavur Decenary in the offing

Nrithyanikethana Kodavur is an institution founded and run by Vidwan Kodavur Krishnamoorthy Rao for imparting training in Bharathanatyam. This year is its decenary year. The school has planned to celebrate it in a befitting way by presenting a series of programmes and projects like construction of an auditorium, seminars and demonstrations, release of a souvenir, honouring of senior artists, encouragement to young artists and documentation etc.

The secretary of the Nikethana Vidwan K. Sudhir Rao sought the cooperation of the people to complete these projects.




Uppinkudru Puppet Troupe To Go To Delhi

Internationally acclaimed Yakshagana puppet group (marionette group) Sri Ganesh Yakshagana Bombeyata of Uppinkudru Kamaths, will go to Delhi to participate in the International Puppetry Conference at Delhi in the first week of October. Director Bhaskar Kogga Kamath and Prof. Leela Upadhyaya will lead the group.





Sheni Honoured at Bangalore

The maestro of ‘Artha’ (the spoken word) Sri Sheni Gopalakrishna Bhat was recently honoured at Kanakagiri Bangalore by the Lalitha Kala Sangha Kanakagiri. Sri K.K Nayak, director, State Treasury Dept. honoured him. Sri Narasimha Murthy and others hosted the honour. Sheni later performed in the talamaddale "Karnaparva".

Hasyagar Narayanakumar organized the show.




Bannanje’s Discourses

Famous scholar and discourse speaker V. Bannanje Govindacharya’s series on the "Characters of Mahabharatha" has been arranged at Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt.




Kannada to Every Home

Gadinad (Border Area) Literary Conference Unit, Kasargod has planned to conduct a campaign called "Manemanege Kannada" as a part of Kannada awareness year plan in the Kannada areas of Kerala. The 44th programme in their series was held at the Mayippady village. Karnataka Samithi Kasargod is collaborating with Parishath unit in their programmes. The programmes like book release, seminar, poetry reading, singing etc. are held at the presence of writers and sahitya abhimani supporters.




Photo Exhibition by Sathya

An exhibition of artistic photos by Sri Sathyaganapathi (student, Aloysius college, Mangalore and a photographer for this web site) was held at the ‘NODIO’ Hal, of St.Aloysius college Mangalore from 23rd to 25th of Sept. Akthar Hussain, leading photographer and secretary of Yenepoya Dental College, inaugurated it. Rev. Mr. Denzil Lobo, was the chief guest. Both of them appreciated the photos of Sri Sathyaganapathi, and lauded his achievement at the young age. The exhibition was well received.






RRC Workshop at KTC

The RRC, Udupi ( Regional Resources Centre, MGM college) conducted a workshop with a seminar on "Oral Tradition as history" at Sahodaya, Karnataka Theological College, Balmatta, Mangalore. Leading authorities on history and folklore, spoke and stressed the need for incorporating oral traditions into the sources of history. Oral tradition represents the ‘other face’ of history and gives a balance to our knowledge, they said.

Dr.J.S. Sadananda, Director, KTC, hosted. Prof. K. Ramdas and S.A. Krishnayya coordinated the proceedings.






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