Dakshina Kannada (including Kasargod) has been a region of temples and shrines and worship centres. Thousands of such places of worship are spread over all regions. Among them are temples, spirit shrines (bhootalaya), Bana, Katte, Mosque, Church and such other types. The present book is an attempt to introduce and analyse scientifically, some select temples from that large number. By and large, this attempt has been a success.

Two earlier books of this kind had appeared in English, both by the well known historian Late Dr P Gururaj Bhat – Antiquities of South Canara and studies in Tuluva History and Culture. The former is a handbook on temples and the latter is a wider study of culture including temples.

The present book by Prof. M Upadhyaya and P N N Murthy is the first of its kind. It was actually started by Sri Gururaj Bhat but was suspended for a long time after his death. The project, now taken up by the two editors has been completed and is a welcome addition to the cultural studies of this area.

The book gives a brief but comprehensive outline of 630 temples detailing the history, architecture and sculpture, festivals and rituals, specialties and surroundings. Prof Upadhyaya’s editorial and Dr Murthy’s introduction outline the scheme and background of the book, history of Dakshina Kannada, classification of temples, architecture, religious history and pooja system, Agama details etc.

The treatment of each temple is balanced and well presented. The book contains over 400 pictures. Production of the book is good.

The editors and publishers deserve to be complimented.

Yakshakardhama: A booklet on the association by that name. The booklet gives details regarding the objects and plans of the association’s various Yakshangana programmes presented by them with some photos. The book is a useful record and the activities of the association are appreciable.

– Dr. M.Prabhakara Joshy

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