Yakshagana (By Dr.V.Raghavan)

To the vast indigenous theatre of India, the contribution of South Canara is the ‘Yaksha Gana’, the Kannada cognate of the ‘Kathakali’ of Malabar, the ‘Yaksha Gana’, the street-play, and the ‘Bhagavata-mela-nataka’ of Tamilnad and Andhra; and outside, of the ‘Lalita’...

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Prof. Rajagopalacharya’s ‘Yakshagana Sangeetha’

Yakshagana music is an interesting and complex subject. It has a long history, its own style and a rich repertoire and range. It needs to be examined in detail - one such attempt was made by Prof. Rajagopalacharya in the book"Yakshagana Sangeetha". This book begins...

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YAKSHAGANA PADAKOSHA – By Dr. M. Prabhakara Joshy

By Dr. M. Prabhakara Joshy, [Publisher: Regional Resources Centre for Folk Performing Arts, (RRC) ,1994 : Pages: 180 : Rs.105/-] Yakshagana Padakosha is a descriptive Lexicon of the technical terms of Yakshagana. Though Yakshagana theatre has immensely grown in size...

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Maarishaa Kalyaana – Yakshagana Prasanga and Performance

Man is the child of environment. If he attunes life in accordance with this well established aphorism, his life will be in fine fettle. Unfortunately it hasn't happened that way. The progress of civilization, increase in population and advancement of technology seem...

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Yakshalokada Kolminchu

Harady Rama Birth Centenary Volume Published by Ee Maasa Nataka, Bangalore - 560078 Editor: H Sridara Hande, K Mohan; pp 121 + 10. Rs.80/- This volume brought out by Ee Maasa Nataka and Yakshadegula Bangalore, is fitting tribute to the great artist Harady Rama, on the...

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