Maryada Purushotthama the centenary commemoration volume of the great Yakshagana artist Kadandelu Purushotthama Bhat (1917 –2014) released by Sri Sri vishwesha Theertha Swamiji of Pejavara Mutt at a grand memeorial day organised by Yakshagana Kalaranga udupi.

Sri Bhat was active in Yakshagana from 1930s to the 1970s mainly as a female role actor. He gave the basic design and form to the Sri Devi role of Devi Mahatme episode. His roles like Ambe, Kaikeyi, Dasharatha, Durvasa, Dharmaraja were of a high quality. He is also known for his friendliness, simplicity, straight talk and self respecting attitude.

This volume edited by SRI PRITHWIRAJA KAVATTHAR, records his life, achievements and also contains scholarly articles on Yakshagana and related art forms.

– Dr. M. Prabhakara Joshi

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