Yakshagana is a rare and unique traditional theatre of Karnataka state in India and has a recorded history of more than five centuries. It is a rich artistic blend of racy music, forceful dance, extempore speech and gorgeous costumes, this art combines the features of opera as well as drama, the characteristics of moral education and mass entertainment. Propagation and preservation of traditional arts is one of the challenges of modern world that is fast changing, making everything transient in the worldly sense. Art cannot survive without generous patronage and art cannot grow without sense for good taste. Both these require unified efforts of all art lovers. We should try to make Yakshagana a world heritage. Society has responsibility towards art and artists. was launched on the World Wide Web on 11th March 2000. A pioneer effort to create a Cultural Portal of Coastal Karnataka was conceived & produced by Vasudeva Aithala. Dr. M.Prabhakara Joshy a scholar, teacher, critic, author and performer is the Co-Founder, Director and Chief Editor of the this portal.

Objectives of

The main objectives and ambitions of are:
1. Propagation and preservation of traditional Yakshagana.
2. Effort to build new audiences for Yakshagana both at home and abroad.
3. The most powerful forum to network the “Yakshagana Abhimanigalu” from all corners of the world.
3. Support Yakshagana artists mainly in India, by supporting Yakshagana Artiste welfare programs which includes but not limited to medical Insurance, Life insurance, Achievement awards in cash, Hardship assistance, scholarships to artists kin etc.
4. Encourage people working in Yakshagana field like: Felicitation to artistes, Financial aid to writers, program organizers and Yakshagana trainers.
5. Enable networking, discussion to get Yakshagana regularly to foreign countries.
6. Growing online repository on Yakshagana subject, profiles, events, statistics, network.
7. Prepare ground work for “World Yakshagana Academy” with local chapters for the academy mushrooming in all corners of the world.
8. Selling Yakshagana video/audio and any other media publications through this site.

Proposed Programs, sponsored by on the World Wide Web.
1. Regular contests for writing articles on Yakshagana & Yakshagana related subjects. Cash prize for the winners. Publish winning articles on the web site.
2. Co-sponsor Yakshagana related workshops, seminars and conferences both in India & abroad.
3. Scholarships to school students for their achievements in Yakshagana.
4. Encourage Innovations and improvements in Yakshagana by providing unbiased discussion forum for critics.

Free Services provided by on the World Wide Web.
1. Profile Yakshagana troupes, prasangas, and artists, provide free publicity on the web.
2. Provide all possible logistic support and thereby encourage groups & organizations both in India & abroad to conduct Yakshagana.
3. Maintain an up-to-date database of Troupes, Prasangas, Artists both amateur and professional which will enable organizations to choose, correspond and arrange a Yakshagana performance even abroad.

Paid Services provided by on the World Wide Web.
1. Banner advertisements for Business & Establishments.
2. Affiliate with E-Commerce Company’s. (Provide URL links)
3. Yakshagana online store :- Sell Yakshagana Audio cassettes, CD’s, Video cassettes, Books and souvenirs.
4. Sell exclusive items of cultural value from Mangalore and neighboring Karavali region.
5. Arrange to deliver Gifts, Flowers and Sweets in DK area to family members of Non resident Indians.

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