Prof Heranje Krishna Bhatt, the cultural organizer with a difference, has something special in his achievements, personality and style of work. His contribution as the director of RRC Udupi, RGP research centre and Yakshagana Kendra Udupi is quite outstanding. Heranje Krishna Bhat is a pillar of the cultural accomplishments of activities of the MGM College.
Born at Heranje near Brahmavar, Bhat had his education in Brahmavar, Udupi and Mysore. He served as the Professor of Sanskrit at the MGM College for about 30 years. But that is only a part of his multi faceted carrier.

As the estate manager of the college and an associate in the college activities he came into close contact with Prof. K.S. Haridas Bhat, and Dr. Shivarama Karanth and later became their trusted leiutenent, shouldering a number of responsibilities. He was in charge of the College up keep, besides being the officer for the College NCC wing.
He worked in close cooperation with Prof. Haridas Bhat & Dr. Karanth for about three decades. He became the Asst. Director of the RRC and later was given the responsibility of Yakshagana Kendra and RGPRC – all of which he discharged with total dedication, efficiency and diligence, that were incomparable.

Prof. Heranje Krishna Bhat looked after the financial management, correspondence, tour management, publication activities, coordination, hospitality, org. of festivals, workshops, seminars, training programme, documentation work etc of both the organization.

Influenced by Dr.T.M.A. Pai, Pejavar Swaiji, Dr. Karanth and K S Haridas Bhat, Heranje Krishna Bhat developed a fool proof work culture, that is hard to emulate. With full support from Manipal Academy headed by K K Pai & others- Bhat lived upto expectations always.

As a youth, he a was an drama actor; later he gave up on the stage activities, to take up ‘Behind the stage stewardship’ – hence became the real Sarathi (chrioteer) master of whatever he look up. He has also worked as the secretary of the Paryaya Committee of Sri Krishna Temple Udupi, besides being the director of Teachers’ Co-operative, and being on a number of academic and cultural bodies. He has the special capacity of doing many things at a time. He lends a helping hand to all.
A man of few words, often looking silent and serious, Heranje Krishna Bhat likes to be ‘low profile’ and away from focus. He has really practiced the ideal “ work is worship”
At 62 Heranje Krishna Bhat is very healthy & active and we can expect a long Sarathya from him.

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