By Dr. M. Prabhakara Joshy, [Publisher: Regional Resources Centre for Folk Performing Arts, (RRC) ,1994 : Pages: 180 : Rs.105/-]

Yakshagana Padakosha is a descriptive Lexicon of the technical terms of Yakshagana. Though Yakshagana theatre has immensely grown in size and popularity, sufficient work has not been done even in producing some basic texts. Dr. Prabhakara Joshy felt the need for a descriptive dictionary of Yakshagana related words and when RRC accepted his proposal for such a work, under its fellowship scheme and gave a boost to this breakthrough work. The Kosha makes an attempt towards that end, to provide a handbook to know the art better in its basics.

The basic material for his work was, a list of technical terms of Yakshagana which was prepared by him on the basis of his active involvement in the theatre as an artist, critic and organizer for nearly three decades. This list was expanded by extensive field work, interviews and correspondence with artists and experts. He paid special attention to find out synonymous terms of different styles and to know the meaning of a word in different stylistic and geographical zones.

The Kosha contains these terms and their explanation. This has been done at three levels – the general meaning of the term and physical explanation, the contextual application and the historical dimension wherever relevant. International binomials were given for plant and chemical names. The Padakosha attempts to serve as a dictionary as well as an encyclopedia. Important non technical folk-critical terms are also included.

Dr. Joshy attributes the success completion of this project to the excellent help and co-operation of RRC, experts, artists, friends and well-wishers. This book is a pioneer the field of Yakshagana and hopefully sets the trend for many more such detailed and research publications in this field.

Meenakshi Panambur

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