Harady Rama Birth Centenary Volume
Published by Ee Maasa Nataka, Bangalore – 560078
Editor: H Sridara Hande, K Mohan; pp 121 + 10. Rs.80/-

This volume brought out by Ee Maasa Nataka and Yakshadegula Bangalore, is fitting tribute to the great artist Harady Rama, on the occasion of his birth centenary. It contains 39 articles, 38 on Harady Rama’s life and achievements, memoirs etc and one of Yakshagana abhinaya principles.
The authors include artists, friends, connoisseurs, experts, organisers and relatives. All have paid glowing tributes to the great artist and a gentleman of great human qualities.Rama was the embodiment of the prestine beauty, poise and dignity of the northern (Badagu) style of Yakshagana. His wwas a classical approach coupled with dedication and clear cut art policy and art morality.
Not many artists have enjoyed the esteem and popularity that he did. He was a legendary figure during his life time, yet huble and dignified gentleman.
His roles like Hiranyakashipu, Arjuna, Jambava, Uttarakumara, Bhishma, Bhima, Balarama, Chitrasena were some of his famous roles. Karna was the role which immortalized him.Harady Rama was a star and an actor, a celebrity and an exponent, an embodiment
of values – all rolled into one, an example for generations of article to come.The editors and publishers have done a commemorable job by bringing out this valuable volume.

– Dr. M. Prabhakara Joshi

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